Welcome to the website of Fotohuis RoVo.

We hope you'll find all you need about photography on our site.

Our goal is to provide amateur and semi-professional photographers with optimal analog dark room material and camera accessories for acceptable prices.

Fotohuis RoVo is a small company in the village of Ravenstein. Its primary target is the making of reportages in the local area. This may be company, portrait as well as wedding reportages. Besides this, you can also buy film, photo paper, photo enlargers, photo equipment and sideways related products.

Contact Information:
If you need more information or if you want to order, you can phone us or send an email:

Address (visiting only with appointment):
   Kromland 45
   5371 MP Ravenstein
   The Netherlands.
   +31-(0)654285745    Fri 13:00h-17:00h (GMT +1)
E- mail:
   General information: R.Vonk< INFO
   Webmaster: O. Voloshyn

For prices see the new Webshop. Special products from Dunco, FEM, Nova, Heliopan, Zörk, Berlebach, Voigtländer and Heiland can be ordered by e-mail !

We can sent international Europe (EU) packages for Eur. 11,00 (max. 2kg).
Minimum order amount €20,00

** info@FotohuisRoVo.nl **

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